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After all these years of blogging I’ve decided to re-vamp my Retro Info blog.

The new hotness can be found at blogspot.




Thank you to my readers who have followed my retro ramblings all these years.

I hope you will continue to read my new blog and enjoy my retro info, links, videos, etc on blogspot.


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Our boy Grayson Danger is only 4 years old and he is already a huge Doctor Who fan. Our buddy Lewis Bailey has been working hard for months building a life sized TARDIS for the Orlando Comic Con to be held this weekend.

Yesterday, we surprised Grayson by taking him to see what appeared in Uncle Lew’s carport. We told our boy there is a mystery at Lewis’ house and he needs Grayson to help solve it. As we drove up to the house, this little boys eyes got wide! As we got out of the car, Brian said “Look whats in Lewis’ carport! WHO could have been here?".

Grayson couldn’t believe his eyes. At first, he was a little shy. I’m sure he wasn’t expecting to see a TARDIS today. Who ever does? Well you know WHO! As he got closer to the big blue box, he became more excited! He said “It’s the TARDIS!". Lewis gave him the key to open it and said, “It’s much bigger on the inside!". Grayson opened the door, and the three of them hopped inside. They were in there for awhile as it seemed to me. They were probably pushing the wrong buttons and swimming in the pool. They were gone for only about 15 minutes as it seemed to me but when they came out, they said they were gone for 15 hours! I wonder where they went!

What a wonderful surprise for our little boy. My husband and his friends have worked in the film industry for many years. You never know what you might see at one of his collegues homes or what might show up at our house. We once had a giant pterydactyl in our laundry room. But that’s another story. Thank you to our talented and creative friend Lewis for making our boys day. Have fun at Comic Con!

Check out Lewis’ Happiness Patrol podcast where he talks about all things Doctor Who


Check out some cute pics of my boy and the TARDIS





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I recently came across this amazing artist via Facebook, of course. His name is Bryan A. Moore and he creates some really nifty retro inspired art. He also lives the retro lifestyle in a fantastic MCM neighborhood in Nampa, Idaho. Retro modern art and architecture is what I like and I thought I would tell my retro readers about this groovy guy.

I really like your Calder influenced art
Could you tell me more about it?

The Calder influenced art is work I did for a show by Elroy Artspace (a gallery in Portland, Oregon) titled "Lollipop Circus", a tribute to Calder. I have worked in similar styles before and Joe at Elroy Artspace asked me to do some works specifically on this theme for his group show at "The Original". These are Calder influenced but they are equally inspired by South Pacific Art, Arp, Miro and Jim Flora. Arp and Miro being contemporaries to Calder and Jim Flora being a pioneering commercial artist that took inspiration from Modern Art.


Full story »


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OMG! I just got the best product for cleaning terrazzo tile floors. My cousin Michelle who is a mom, nurse and a.k.a. the Queen of Clean gave me a steam mop by Oreck. I also have two young kids, one is still crawling. Every night I would sweep and mop the floor and her pants would still get dirt stains on the knees.

I just finished using the Oreck Steam-Glide steam mop for the first time and look how my terrazzo shines!

Look at the amount of dirt it cleaned up and I mopped the floor with a traditional mop and bucket last night!

Thanks cuz' for the steam mop. I love how great it cleans and I also like the fact that it uses only water and steam to clean, not harmful chemicals. The cleaning attachment is machine washable. No swiffers ending up in the landfill. It cleans tile floors amazingly and it is eco-friendly and safe for the little ones.


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Our boy Grayson loves Scooby Doo. He has seen almost all the Scooby cartoons, some are even older than me! This year for Halloween he chose to be Shaggy so we all dressed as the rest of the Mystery Inc. gang. I was Daphne, Brian was Fred and little Tasha was Velma. The costumes are a combination of store bought, thrift store finds and stuff from our own closets.
Grayson had fun playing a trick on our neighbors. He went door to door handing out a Lost Dog flyer with a picture of Scooby on it. He said "Have you seen our dog?". Some people didn't get it at all but some really got a kick out it. Those are the cool neighbors. They gave out the best candy too.

Scooby Doo Where Are You?

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