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Blessing of the Bugaboo


Blessing of the Bugaboo

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This summer, my pals Bret and Charissa and their son Finnegan (the coolest kid on Earth) went to the annual Blessing of the Cars event. Held at Hansen Dam Park Los Angeles CA, a Catholic priest goes car to car blessing each individually. Some people also ask him put holy water in their radiators. It s a huge event attracting rockabillys, mods, artists, gearheads, and all kinds of classic car fans.

My friends who just had their baby, decided to have their Bugaboo blessed with paint! The artist who did the pinstriping does cars, and he also does helmets and guitars...stuff like that. They were the first (and probably the only) stroller he ever did. Now young Finn has the most tricked out Bugaboo in LA! I told you he is a cool kid.

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