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Pleasantville has the Wright Stuff


Pleasantville has the Wright Stuff

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My grandma and grandpa met in an orphanage in Pleasantville NY.

Brian and Casey at Pleasantville Station

We decided to go there to check out my family heritage. I also heard there are homes by Frank Lloyd Wright in the area so I kindof had an ulterior motive. We drove around and found the train station and downtown area. We drove past the cemetary where my great grandma and great grandpa are buried. We couldn't find the orphanage. We then made it up windy, twisty mountain roads where we finally hit the motherload of amazing Usonian architecture. I drooled as we drove down Usonia Rd. and Wright Way.

Usonia is a development of 47 homes on a 100-acre wooded site in Mount Pleasant NY. The community was designed after WWII by a group of architectural idealists headed by Frank Lloyd Wright. The term Usonian is a short for the United States of North America. They are houses that echo the natural forms of the surrounding land and use glass and stone to create indoor / outdoor living.

A photo tour of Usonian architecture after the jump


even the garbage cans are Wright style

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