Florida Modern: Residential Architecture 1945-1970. by Jan Hochstim, Steven Brooke (Photographer). 2005, Hardcover with dustjacket, 271 pages, 9.5x11.5". Loaded with color and b&w photographs, floor plans, etc.

"Between 1945 and 1970. Florida became host to sweeping innovations in residential architecture rivaled only by what was happening in California with the Case Study Houses. Florida Modern documents the best work of the era from Key West to Jacksonville, documenting numerous unsing and unpublished masterpieces by such architects as Paul Rudolph, Ralph Twitchell, Gene Leedy, and Rufus Nims.

While these house found their inspiration from the Bauhaus, they incorporated aspects of regional Southern architecture, using verandas, porches and raised floors to open out to tropical vegetation, and cooling breezes. The appeal of these homes is the blurring of indoors and outdoors, the connection to the natural environment and the eco-conscious spirit that favored local materials and natural ventilation."

Architects featured include members of the famed Sarasota School among many others. Includes Parker residence by Alfred Browning Parker, Adler residence by Rufus Nims, Vereen residence by Robert Bradford Brown and George F. Reed, Osman residence by George F.Reed, Beeber residence by Peter Augustus Jefferson, Hook Guest house, Burkhardt residence, Milam residence by Paul Marvin Rudolph, Herron residence by Victor A Lundy, Jordan residence by Mark Hampton, and many more.