PIERRE KOENIG by James Steele (2002)

Pierre Koenig by James Steele. 2002, softcover, 10x11.5", 180 pages, loaded with color and b&w photographs, floor plans, sketches etc.

"Pierre Koenig (b. 1925) is a leading figure of the Modern movement in America, and a guiding influence in the "Case Study House Program. This monograph, the first to compile his pioneering work, provides an unparalleled insight to the evolution of Modernism on the West Coast.

Koenig designed and built his first exposed steel house in 1950 while still a student of architecture, proving that prefabricated materials could allow for spatial freedom in affordable housing. 1957, he was chosen by Arts and Architecture magazine fot design Case Study Houses #21 and #22, two of the most innovative buildings in the Program. These houses have become iconic, capturing the excitement and optimism of the period. Photographs of Koenig's work, together with the architects original sketches and drawings, provide a comprehensive visual document of his refined and dramatic architecture."