R.M. SCHINDLER by James Steele (2005)

R. M. Schindler: 1887-1953; An Exploration of Space by James Steele. 2005, Taschen, softcover, 96 pages. Loaded with color and b&w photos, sketches, floor plans.

"Each of my buildings deal with a different architectural problem, the existence of which has been forgotten in this period of Rational Mechanization. The question of whether a house is really a house is more important to me, than the fact that it is made of steel, glass, putty or hot air." - R. M. Schindler

Rudolph Michael Schindler (1887-1953) and his colleague Richard Neutra, emigrated from Vienna to the US. They used the International Style of architecture in their designs which became California Modernism. He was highly influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright and Cubism which can be seen in the usage of bold lines and materials such as wood and concrete. Book features his own Hollywood home (built in 1921-22), P.M. Lovell home in Newport Beach (1923-24) and more.