Shops & stores (Progressive Architecture Library) 1948


SHOPS & STORES. Progressive Architecture Library. By Morris Ketchum Jr., published by Reinhold Publishing Corporation, New York, copyright 1948, first edition, hardcover, 308 pages. 9X12".

This book is a wonderful reference for 1940's shop and store design. Hundreds of examples of mid-century modern retail store interiors, displays, buildings, signs, and more. Over 300 illustrations, photographs, drawings, sketches, architectural renderings, floor plans, etc.

Contents: Planning -- Indoor Shopping Street, Vertical Sales Traffic, Organizing the Sales Space; Equipment -- Sales Floor Equipment, Lighting, Behind the Scenes, Mechanical Equipment; Materials and Structure -- Materials, Textures, Colors, Floors Ceilings, Partitions; The Store Front -- Organizing the Store Front, Displays, Entrances, Signs, Enclosing Walls; Typical Shops and Stores -- The Specialty Shop, The Variety Store, The Department Store; Shopping Environment -- Outdoor Shopping Street, Drive-In Shops and Stores, Neighborhood and Regional Shopping Centers.

Architect/designers include Raymond Loewy; Robsjohn-Gibbings; Edward D. Stone; Ketchum Gina and Sharp; William Hempel; Victor Gruen; and more. Photography by Julius Shulman, Ezra Stoller Richard Garrison, and others. Excellent reference for anyone into 1940s mid century modern American store design.