THINGS TO MAKE FOR CHILDREN , A Sunset Book. Toys, Togs, Party Fun. copyright 1961. Softcover, measures 8.25x10.75", 96 pgs.

Loaded with amazing mid century modern arts and crafts ideas for childrens dollhouses, kites, puppets, nature crafts, workshop projects, sewing ideas and more!

Contents: Holidays and parties, ideas for Halloween, Easter (modern egg mobile similar to Calder design), Thanksgiving, Christmas and more. Dollhouses, completely landscaped model that even includes a swimming pool; a revolvable, hexagonal dollhouse with an entry garden and enclosed patio; dollhouses make from bookcases or from stacked boxes; one with swing out doors that can be locked when not in use. Outdoor fun crafts, kite, bird feeders, sand casting, mobiles of driftwood. Workshop projects, lemonade stand, boat for swimming pool, climbing pole, bike racks. Art Crafts, whimsy on a childs wall, bee mobile made of paper, paraffin candles made in muffin tins. Sewing, cool Hawaiian slippers, sweaters, sock monkeys, yarn animals, pillow toys. Puppets, marionettes in the image of "Winnie the Pooh" characters, finger puppets, puppet stage and more.