ART OF MAKING MOSAICS by Louisa Jenkins & Barbara Mills 1957

The Art of Making Mosaics, by Louisa Jenkins and Barbara Mills. Copyright 1957, hardcover with dust jacket. 7 3/4" x 10 1/4". 128 pages. 85 b&w illustrations.

Wonderful vintage book on an age-old craft. Features mosaics made from tile, colored glass, pebble, marble, minerals or any enduring material. The authors present a wide assortment of materials used, ranging from home made ceramic tile or garden pebbles to the Italian mosaic glass called Smalti.

Learn how to make wood or concrete base for the mosaic, how to cut tile, glass into small pieces called tesserae. Select, mix and spread the mortar using two methods, the direct and reverse. Each is described in detail and illustrated with helpful diagrams and photos.

Contents: Preface, List of Illustrations. 1) Workplace or Studio 2) Materials Used in Construction 3) Wood Base 4) Concrete Bases 5) Preparation and Cutting of Materials 6) Mortars 7) The Direct Method 8) Supplementary Practice in the Direct Method 9) The Reverse Method 10) Italian Methods 11) Pebble Mosaic 12) Children's Mosaics and Classes in Mosaic 13) Mosaic Design 14) Church Art 15) Symbols 16) People and Projects. Bibliography, Index.