ART OF THE JAPANESE GARDEN By Tatsuo Ishimoto 1958

THE ART OF THE JAPANESE GARDEN by Tatsuo Ishimoto, Copyright 1958. Hard cover with dust jacket, 7x9.25", 128 pages, more than 200 b&w photographs.

Loaded with great ideas for Japanese gardens. Features bamboo, gravel, stepping stones, tea gardens, gencing, paths, steps, decorative stone, water basins, sand, bridges, plantings and more.

"Here are the art and esthetics of garden design in Japan evolved over fourteen centuries. Today the garden surrounds the Japanese house with serene and restful beauty. Using stone, water, simple fencing and exquisitely combined permanent planting, the gardener produces a landscape so planned that it continues lovely through all seasons, year after year.

In the spring and summer of 1957, Tatsuo Ishimoto spent five months traveling all over Japan, making sketches and taking over 2,000 photographs of the Japanese family garden. Here he provides for the American gardener a study of the Japanese family garden that can be quite rewarding. Most of the problems are similar: small plots, front, side and rear areas, desire for privacy, pathways, terrace planting, shade trees, etc. The plants found in the Japanese garden are readily available in America. The simplicity of design produces maximum beauty with minimum maintenance.

This is a source book of hundreds of new ideas based on the centuries-old development of the world's most beautiful gardens.