DECO DELIGHTS Miami Beach Architecture by Barbara Baer Capitman

Deco Delights: Preserving Miami Beach Architecture. by Barbara Baer Capitman, Steven Brooke (Photographer). 1988, softcover, 8.5x11.25". 116 pages. 135 color plates.

Gorgeous book about the only Art Deco District in America by writer, historian, and preservation activist Barbara Capitman. She has devoted many years of her life to the cause of architectural preservation in the Art Deco District of Miami Beach. This colorful modern American architecture was originally designed in the 1930's by a team of architects including: L. Murray Dixon, Henry Hohauser, Albert Anis, Russell T. Pancoast, and Anton Skisiewicz. The triumphs and despairs described in the book are the result of the struggle between the pressure for development and the necessity for preservation.

Contents include: Collins Avenue, Ocean Avenue, 21 Street, and the surrounding areas.