HOMES: SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE Progressive Architecture 1949

HOMES: SMALL, MEDIUM, LARGE Selected by the Editors of Progressive Architecture. By Thomas Creighton, Frank Lopez, Charles Magruder and George Sanderson. copyright 1947 hardcover, 9x12", 190 pages. 285 b/w photos and 100 floor plans and diagrams of mid century modern PostWar homes.

Photography by Ezra Stoller, Bill Hedrich-Blessing, Julius Shulman and others. Features architecture by: George Fred and William Keck, Pietro Belluschi, Richard Neutra, Edward Durrell Stone, Hugh Stubbins, Gregory Ain, John Campbell, J. R. Davidson, Kenneth Day, Gordon Drake, Joseph Esherick, Bernard Harrison, William Hempel, Henry Hill, Paul Kirk, Francis McCarthy, Schweikher and Elting , Whitney Smith, Paul Thiry, Worley Wong, Wurster, Bernardi and Emmons and many others.