How To Improve Your Home for BETTER LIVING (1955)

How To Improve Your Home for BETTER LIVING. The complete book of HOME MODERNIZING. By Samuel Paul A.I.A. and Robert B. Stone. Copyright 1955, hardcover, measures 9x11.25", 351 pages.

This vintage book is loaded with amazing mid century modern ideas for your home. Great ideas for every room of the house. Filled with photos, illustrations, before and afters, plans, floorplans and more. Hundreds of photos, mostly in b&w and some color photos.

Contents: The why and how of modernizing, Modernizing living rooms, dining rooms, bedrooms, walls, ceilings, floors, kitchen, bathroom, cellar, attic. Planned storage space, closets, built-ins, room dividers. Light conditioning, Heating and air conditioning. Modernizing the outside, porch, patio, garage, carport. Modernizing all around, driveways, walks, walls, steps, fences, barbeques, pools, furniture, lighting and more.