New Horizons in Color by Faber Birren (1956)

New Horizons in Color by Faber Birren, copyright 1956. Hardcover with dustjacket. 8.5X10.5", 200 pages. 150 illustrations, 6 in full color. 2 pages of color chips. How to use color effectively in architecture and decoration explained by foremost color authority of 1950's.

"Color in homes, in offices, in industrial plants, in stores, restaurants, hotels, color everywhere! Color is the key word. An understanding of the physical, esthetic, psychological and functional aspects of color is needed. Color can ease eyestrain, lessen fatigue, increase work capacity, and lower accident rate. Colors can make food more appetizing, increase sales, create a gracious setting. All types of buildings color schemes may be judged not only in terms of appearance but also in terms of actual results.

New Horizons in Color gives workable suggestions and specifications based on practical experience, research studies, and case histories. All known systems of color and harmony are examined."